George Semien, M.D.

I passed!!!!!! Yay!!!!! Thank you Dr Burch for your program.   It was awesome.  The exam was tough but we made it through with success!!!!

Robert McKlveen, M.D.

I really like Dr. Burch's teaching style--made it very easy to learn.

One evening, my college-age son watched and listened to one of your lectures with me.  He commented on your lecture technique, particularly the fact that you repeat essential points two or three times, rearranging your words slightly each time.  He (and I) really like that about your speaking style, and I think that it helps me learn, too

Yesterday, I took the Advanced PTeExam.  While it was a difficult exam, I found that I was well-prepared.  Won't know for several weeks whether or not I passed, but if I did, I have ptemasters to thank for it.  Your lectures, downloads, and practice exams covered everything very thoroughly.  I have only myself to blame if I failed the exam, but even in that case, I have learned a tremendous amount.

Fellow in Florida

Unsolicited comments sent after the advanced PTEeXAM

Thank you very much for the study material. It was incredibly helpful. The images were spot on and the high yield, diastolic, and congenital topics really helped. I walked away from the test feeling very confident. If I failed it wasn't by much!

If you need anything, please call me! You made a friend for life


Anonymous advanced exam taker

The exam prep was great.  The physics and HD questions were right on. Thank You and all your those who have made your website stellar!

Eduardo J. Goenaga Díaz

I used PTEmasters almost exclusively when I was studying for the echo boards. The content is complete, well organized, and covers pretty much everything you can expect to see on the exam. The lectures are excellent--very well designed and easy to follow, and are put together by experts who really know what they are doing. You can tailor your studying to suit your learning style with lectures, practice questions, or a mix of both. It is truly a great resource that definitely helped me do well on the exam.

Adrian Lim, M.D.

I just wanted to let you know that I passed the Advance TEE exam.  No doubt that your website significantly contributed to me passing.  I look forward to continue listening and reading information from your website.  It is fantastic.  I am not a cardiac fellowship trained anesthesiologist, I did a critical care fellowship but your lectures allowed me to get the education I needed to pass the exam.  THANK YOU!

Frederick Conlin, M.D.

I passed the exam thanks in large part to  PTEmasters.  I also rocked the congenital section which was certainly a weak area for me before I began studying with your site.  Thanks again!

Charles Ciolino, M.D.

Words can never express how in debted I am to you for this lifetime. Finally, after such a long time coming, I have PASSED THE ADVANCED TEE EXAM! Thanks to the many phone conversations, lectures, practice questions, etc; we were triumphant in slaying the beast!!!


Salvatore Bommarito

Thank you very much for all the guidance and help you gave to me in preparation for the Advanced PTEexam. To be honest, I was concerned that as a private practice MDA (without formal fellowship training and having completed my residency more than 5 years ago) that I would have a difficult time passing the exam. With your website and study material not only did I pass but was in the 88th percentile of all the participating candidates for the 2013 exam. I would also, like to thank you for being prompt with your email responses and giving me encouragement over the phone. You were 100% correct when you told me that if I invested the time in studying the material that you had laid out that I would have no trouble in passing the exam. While I agree, the exam was difficult, I definitely felt prepared and there was not a question that seemed like it came from left field.

Again, thank you for helping me reach another milestone in my career, I could have not done this without you!

Gerardo Labasan M.D.

Yeah, I passed!!!. This website is awesome and the best. I solely used this website to study. I did not open any textbook.
First, I listened to a chapter, took the test simulation and then read the answers.

I also became clinically better. I decided to sign up every year. The cost $1.00 a day is not bad.

I highly recommend it!

Thank you so much.

Ben Tuck, M.D.

I just wanted to say thanks again for your awesome website! I recently got my results for the PTEexam and did really well. Shockingly, it appears that I answered 100% of the congenital heart questions correct. That is absolutely a result of studying your lectures and practicing all your questions!

I have stayed on faculty at UAB, and I recommended to all the cardiac fellows to purchase the year long subscription. All three for this academic year have subscribed.

 Your website is, without a doubt, the single best tool for learning about TEE and preparing for the PTEexam. Thank you for all the effort that you put into it.

Ram JagannathanRush University Medical Center

I just wanted to thank you and your wonderful team for providing us as trainees with the PTEMasters site.

As an intern with ambitions to take the basic exam, it was difficult to know where to start learning about TEE, let alone taking the board exam. I took the basic exam last week, and I can confidently say PTEMasters covered all the content very well in a cogent and simple manner. I plan to use PTEMasters into the future, as it has truly been a priceless resource, test or otherwise!

Bijan Bavarian, M.D.

I passed the Echo Exam. 

It was you and your dedication that passed the Exam.

I was just an instrument. You are a real Warrior.

Your teaching method is unique and plane.

I am speechless how to express my deep appreciation.

My immense thanks.


Kirk J. Duguay, MD, FRCP(C), Testamur in Advanced Perioperative Echocardiography

PTE Masters is an amazing TEE resource! It serves as an excellent 'go-to' source for studying for the PTEeXAM.  Dr. Tommy Burch has invested a great deal of time in developing this website.  His lecture format that breaks down all relevant individual topics and the consequent TEE evaluations is thorough.  Main points are reiterated multiple times and additionally there are many exam questions to test one's knowledge acquisition.  One of the top 3 resources to obtain in preparing for the PTEeXAM and THE resource for continuing medical education in real world practice!!

Sachin Mehta M.D.

I was pretty dejected walking out of the exam last month, but found out today I passed by a significant margin! PTE Masters was absolutely essential for my preparation. Beyond the test prep aspect, I really enjoyed learning from your site and becoming a more discerning clinician. Thank you for sharing your expertise - you're a phenomenal teacher.

John Zaki M.D.

I passed!!!! All thanks to you!!! I love you man! I will always remain a loyal PTE master!

Tony Vannelli M.D.

Because of your great online course, I recently passed the NBE advanced PTE exam. I am an older-adult learner and hadn't done a computerized exam and was not excited at all about reading about TEE. But PTE Masters was addictive, entertaining, and maintained my attention and enthusiasm for TEE. Best of all it desensitized me for the real exam.

Dave Broussard M.D.

Got my scores back the other day...and passed with something like 94th percentile! The only thing I studied (aside from Echo Week) was your website -which is phenomenal in quality. I really don't care for online learning historically, but this was somehow different. The lectures were truly masterful, kept my attention completely. Really an amazing company and resource for the Cardiac Anesthesiology community.


Just received my score report from the NBE. 98th percentile! I got 100% of the congenital questions right! I couldn't have done it without PTE Masters. Your videos and content are hands down the best resources for studying for this exam. Thank you for all the effort you put into making PTE Masters great - it is very much appreciated!